Media Essay


Media Essay

The first step to writing a good media essay is to choose a contemporary topic that is of interest to a wide target audience. You can for instance pick on a topic about text messaging and how it is better or worse than face to face conversations.

A media essay should convey information as it discusses the different scope of mass and other media including:

  • Television
  • The Internet
  • Mobile phones
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

While writing a media essay you should discuss how the above media has an impact on our day to day lives.

Media Essay MLA Format

A media essay should be written in the MLA academic format and should aim to make the reader more aware of the potential dangers of using certain media. Write an informed discussion on the fallout of media like TV that has seen a direct correlation in the drop in inter family communication and a growth of what is known as the couch potato syndrome. TV and eating mindlessly while watching programs has also resulted in an alarming rise in obesity.

To write informed media essays you should:

  • Draw an outline as you plan the structure of your essay
  • Start with an introduction that will act as a roadmap for what is to follow and how it will end
  • Analyze the topic in the body of the article and end by citing your authoritative sources
  • End with a summary that verifies your thesis statement.

You can use your media essay as a platform on which you can offer your personal opinion on how mass media of different kinds relates to our lives. Take the huge impact of advertising for instance that depends on media like the TV, Newspapers and the internet to disseminate information about the product.

Mass Media Essay Topics

  • Write on the impact that mass media has had  on politics
  • In what way is mass media a reflection of society?
  • How is mass media linked to the age of consumerism?
  • How are women viewed by the mass media?
  • How has mass media changed the face of education?

These are some of the things to keep in mind while writing a winning mass media essay.