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Medical Essays

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Medical Essay Sample

The practice of medicine in times of war may seem like a contradiction, or an attempt to postpone the inevitable. Armed contests often produce chaotic situations in which humanitarian endeavors prove futile. Yet in every battle, there are survivors, and those who have marched through the grind of war are surely thankful for military medicine. To the men and women who serve, it is a source of comfort and inspiration.

Through the experiences of World War I and World War II, military medicine has gone from a simple function of the army to an integral part of the science of health. The devastating human cost of these major conflicts made it necessary for medicine to relieve at least some of the suffering. The Great War saw an entire British generation - approximately half a million men under the age of thirty - perish on the Western Front.1 It had the unfortunate effect of desensitizing the horrors of the following war, which claimed the lives of about five times more soldiers and many more civilians.2 But if there was ever anything gained from these global contests, it is the knowledge acquired by the medical personnel involved. Military medicine is the inescapable benefactor of war.

Although military medicine is essentially the warfare version of what we know as the science of health, it has also served to inspire everyday methods of healing. The anarchic conditions in which medical practitioners were forced to operate inevitably required some improvisation. Even in supposedly regulated working conditions, doctors were overwhelmed by patients needing all sorts of medical treatment.3 They were therefore obligated to perform radical operations, often without the convenience of subduction. This resulted in an expansion of knowledge in a number of medical branches.4 Traumatology may constitute an example, since medical practitioners frequently employed techniques related to the fields of surgery, reanimation, anaesthesia and prophylaxis.

Because war is sometimes seen as a set of circumstances which cannot be compared to the ones found in civil society, historians have generally avoided the topic of military medicine.6 This perception of war seems to stand in the way of any progressive study. Some historians have argued, on the other hand, that medicine and the military are intrinsically social phenomena, as the latter largely represents the evolution of society as a whole.7 An inclusive view of these components may indeed allow for a broader interpretation of how medicine was influenced by war, and how the latter revolutionized the former. This essay will explore the relationship between medicine, war and society. Through the interpretations of the Canadian Forces Medical Services and social historians, it will attempt to answer the following questions: What is military medicine? How did it come about? What was its significance during World War I and World War II, and what were the main preoccupations of medical practitioners during that time and after?

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