Oliver Twist Essay


Oliver Twist Essay

An Oliver Twist Essay should draw attention to the fact that even though the Victorian Era of the eighteenth century was a time when the power and reach of the British Empire was at its peak-never the less, beneath this veneer of civilization lurked the many evils of Victorian society which turned a blind eye to child labor and the appalling conditions of industrial workers in the opening stages of the industrial revolution.

It is in such a scenario that Charles Dickens wrote his fascinating novels of which Oliver Twist is perhaps the most famous. Your Oliver Twist Essay should place the story of the young orphan Oliver within its social context by stating that it is set at a time when so called civilized Victorian society thought nothing of making young boys known as ‘chimney sweeps’ jump down from the mouth of chimneys in order to clean them of residual soot as they fell, perhaps fatally injuring themselves in the process.

Your Oliver Twist Essay can state the little Oliver’s mother dies in childbirth and leaves Oliver a defenseless orphan that ends up in an orphanage, where he lives in fear under appalling conditions with hardly any food to speak of. Young Oliver later meets a street urchin ‘the artful dodger’ who earns a living by stealing for a key character in the play, ‘Fagen’

The young and innocent Oliver finds himself at the mercy of a den of robbers and finally ends up getting framed for pick pocketing. Luckily the gentleman in question looks kindly at Oliver and instead of letting him get arrested for a crime he did not commit, takes Oliver under his wing and offers him a home. In this way the young orphan who was searching for love finally finds it, in this heart rending and captivating story set in Victorian England. This is how your Oliver Twist Essay should give a brief summary of the plot and the role the key characters play in the story

Through the pages of this novel the master story teller draws a contrast between the starchy and squeaky clean homes of the privileged class and the miserable lot of street children who are corrupted and exploited by thieves of the underworld from the less privileged ‘cockney’ class in England.

In this way an Oliver Twist Essay gives you a wide canvas to draw on from the fascinating times of Charles Dickens.