Peer Pressure Essay


Peer pressure essay

A well thought out and written peer pressure essay should start by defining peer pressure and giving some important background information on the topic.A peer pressure essay should clarify that peer pressure acts as a potent yet intangible mental force that tends to influence teenagers more than anyone else.

Since acceptance from their peers is a prime goal in a teenagers life they will often go to great lengths to try to fit in, be accepted and gain popularity among their peers.

Positive and negative effects

A good peer pressure essay should also go on to analyze the positive and negative effects of peer pressure like:

  • Peer pressure in boarding schools can have a positive disciplining impact
  • Peer pressure can also have a negative impact by encouraging bullying and cheating
  • A well written peer pressure essay should point out that peer pressure can have a positive impact on sports as it can encourage less capable children to perform better by practicing their sportsmanship skills.
  • On the negative side peer pressure exerted by movie characters can influence teenagers to try out dangerous stunts.

So it is evident that the longing to be popular amongst their peers is a driving force that shapes the actions and behavior of teenagers-this is great when they are following positive behavior patterns but it can act in a negative way if the teenager gives in to peer pressure to smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs.

Shaping self esteem

Apart from the negative and positive effects of peer pressure another vital aspect a good peer pressure essay should touch on is the fact that a teenager’s sense of self esteem is …directly affected by the degree to which they feel accepted by the peer group-and conformity is the price that’s paid to be accepted by the crowd” (Panzarine p. 146).The price of popularity can mean conforming your peer group’s style of:

  • Conduct
  • Dress
  • Athletics

To balance this need for conformity teenagers tend to display signs of individuality like body piercing and tattoos which can result in infections-all for the sake of looking ‘cool’.

These are some of the interesting points your peer pressure essay can touch on.