Process Essay


Process Essay

Process essay is a piece of academic writing devoted to description and analysis of the process.  The types of processes are diverse and many.  The style of writing depends on the specifics of the process you need to describe.  For example, the process of revolution in France should be described and analyzed from historical perspective.  Below is an excellent sample of process essays on science, biology and philosophy:

Process Essay Sample

With the nineteenth century this fusion of science in the literary imagination is accelerated. We note the scientific ambitions avowed by Balzac in the Avant-propos of his Comédie humaine, the impassive study of the varieties of human nature given us by a Mérimée or a Stendhal, the influence of Alexander von Humboldt on two generations of poets who come to see nature through the eyes of the observational biologist. Lamarck teaches Sainte-Beuve, and thus contributes to the foundations of modern literary criticism by suggesting a method of analysis and classification of authors according to the famille d'esprits to which they belong. A new pessimism in poetry develops as the place and destiny of man on the planet and in the cosmos are seen in geological and astronomical perspectives; this is reinforced as the definition of what man is, his biological nature, is determined by the tradition that runs from Cabanis and Bichat through Magendie and Broussais to Claude Bernard, and thence into the literary hands of Emile Zola. In the long run, literature is invaded, even pre-empted, by men who accept science because they can find no tolerable alternative interpretation of the facts of life.

Against this situation, the conservatives, clergy, layman, rich and poor, rage in vain; and down to about 1900 the futility of their reaction to what they describe as scientism, secularism, or positivism is demonstrated by the absence of anything resembling a masterpiece that is not inspired and informed by, or at least consistent with, the trends arising from science. When Baudelaire, in Les Fleurs du Mal, revolts against much of contemporary materialism, he cannot escape the emphasis which an expanding science of psychology places on the experience of the individual, nor avoid the criteria of coherence and logical consistency towards which all thought still tended. His language, for all its symbolism and synesthesia, is predominantly concrete and particular, capable of precise understanding in its own frame of reference. The conclusion of the book, with its defiance of death and ennui, tends to enlarge the area of rational discourse rather than to eradicate or emasculate it; the final quest is "Au fond de l'inconnu pour trouver du nouveau!"

Aware of the long history of the earth and the short chronicle of man, of the infinite expanses of space among the stars, and the fragile nature of life in a hostile universe where densities and temperatures range in inconceivable scales, the nineteenth-century writer could no longer utilize or even respect the socially centered superficialities of the classical tradition. Old myths are parodied-Orphée aux Enfers, La Belle Hélène--or they are retold in a new archaic vein by poets like Leconte de Lisle, Mallarmé, Paul Valéry.

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