Rhetorical Analysis Essay


Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Writing a rhetorical analysis essay is an incomprehensible thing for the vast majority of students. “What points should I consider in the rhetorical analysis essay?” “What information is better to avoid when writing the rhetorical analysis essay?” – These are the questions that usually pop up in students’ minds in spite of their teacher’s instructions and explanations.

Sometimes it is better to read information once than listen to somebody trying to explain it to you for hundreds of times. That is why this article is worthy of your attention. Here, you will find the points that should be considered in the rhetorical analysis essay.

Before you actually start writing your rhetorical analysis essay, read the book for consideration or at least its short summary. It is important that you should be aware of what the book is about, who its main characters are, what their relationships are, etc. Remember, you are sure to get to know more important details about the book if you read its full version rather than its short summary.

After you find out all you should know about the book, think over the answers to the following questions (which are the points that should be considered in your rhetorical analysis essay):

What was the author’s motivation to writing?

In this part of the rhetorical analysis essay, you tutor would like to see the description of some important events that took part in the writer’s life that motivated his/her to writing the book. Mind that sometimes the author’s motivation may be based on his/her personal values.

For whom is the book intended?

In this part of your rhetorical analysis essay, try to guess whom the author is writing to. What is more, you should not just guess but also give reasonable explanations to your assumptions.

What can be said about the author?

The author is the next element to look at in the rhetorical analysis essay. The author can adopt a specific mask, try to highlight the traits of the society s/he is writing about, etc. So, in your rhetorical analysis essay, discuss what functions the author performs in the book.

What are the author’s limitations?

The writers can be limited by their knowledge, perspectives, values, emotional connection to the topic, etc. In your rhetorical analysis essay, you can also discuss whether the author is limited by historical, political, economic, social, or other contexts.  

Consider these elements in your rhetorical analysis essay, and you will always be able to make an excellent paper without problems.