Romeo and Juliet Essay


Romeo and Juliet Essay Writing Tips!

On literary courses students are asked to write a Romeo and Juliet essay, which should discuss the play of William Shakespeare. You may choose a topic yourself if you are not prescribed.

The content and idea of your paper should be considered according to the level of your study.

A tragic melodrama was written in 1595 and it touches emotional aspect of love. Two beloved people die on their way to happiness. Here the writer discloses an important aspect of ever love.

This aspect may be considered in Romeo and Juliet essay, but taking into account all possible views on the topic.

Points to Consider while Writing Romeo and Juliet Essay

During the process of writing a Romeo and Juliet essay you may follow such tips:

  • The play about Romeo and Juliet refers to the stage production. And, therefore, you need to be sure if there is enough description of behavior and thoughts of the characters. You may include some citations from the play itself and it will add you some points.
  • Use your analytical mind. Concentrate on the purpose and effects of the play on readers. What concrete examples may you bring for the arguing the effect created by the writer?
  • Investigate Shakespeare’s language and understand the poetry, as in the rhyme there always are hidden some secrets and underlying message. Why is drama written in poetry? What literary devices does the writer use for the implementation of own intentions?
  • Imagine yourself a member of the audience and try to understand all the movements in the play. See the faces and think over dramatic irony. If you are able to, if you are a member of the audience, or one of the characters of the play.

Our Advices

The most important advice is to go to theatre and watch the play. If you want you may go to the various performances, including modern and initial staging. Here in the theatre you may ask yourself several questions, answers on which will help you to disclose your topic in your Romeo and Juliet essay:

  • What decorations were used for staging? Why were some of them left out in illustration?
  • What emotions are the main in the play? Why did Shakespeare use them for showing the characters’ behavior?
  • What the most remarkable ideas were set to convey the audience? Is it the right choice of the writer and the director?

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