Self Concept Essay


Article title: Self Concept Essay: What to Write about

Who I am is the question, which is almost impossible to answer with all the confidence, as this is one of the most disputable and exciting questions the humanity has and tries to answer. Each person at least once has set such a question to himself or herself. Even from the earliest childhood children start thinking about this question, however, they do it unconsciously. They say that only wisdom people are lucky to know the answer at such a question, and if a person cognize himself or herself, he receives the abundant source of happiness, but there are only few of them. That is why self concept essay is a very difficult assignment to deal with for each student, as in order to write it, he or she has to understand the psychology of personality rather well.   

Self concept essays are those to poison the life of students, as it is too difficult to draw a concept of yourself, is not it? The difficult of self concept essay lies in the following: while writing any of the self concept essays, you have not only to describe yourself from the point of view of your own perception of yourself, you have also to write how you want to change yourself and which kind of person you want to become. As a rule, it is very simple to speak about someone’s strong points, but when it comes to weak one’s, it is too difficult to name them. The psychologists made a research where they interviewed people of different age. In the beginning, they asked people to enumerate their strengths, and almost all the people spoke about them without any difficulty. After that, they were asked to tell about their weakness and 67 per cent of people were not able to answer this question.       

In order to write your self concept essay, you have to study your personality, to examine yourself, and sometimes, it takes the whole life in order to cognize yourself. While writing your self concept essays you have to be aware of the fact that you have to analyze yourself through the prism of self esteem which is the main factor that influences your behavior and your every day mood.

In spite of your self concept essay deals with the psychology, there are still some other points to be mentioned. Theology, sociology, philosophy are those to help you depicting your inner portrait. All the above-mentioned sciences can help you greatly while writing your self concept essay, as they will explain you how the personality maintains.