Shakespeare Essays


Shakespeare Essays

Good Shakespeare essays should begin by elaborating on Shakespeare’s exceptional writing abilities. William Shakespeare is considered to be a genius of literary writing. Shakespeare was a renowned classical writer who wrote a number of brilliant plays during Elizabethan times-(during the Renaissance) His plays can be divided into comedies, tragedies as well as historical plays.

Writing Shakespeare essays are one of the mandatory requirements for grading students on Semester work. Here is look at some of Shakespeare’s qualities that your Shakespeare essays should touch upon:

Universal themes

Even though Shakespeare wrote in the 16th century in English, his plays are appreciated even today the world over. This is because he wrote on timeless themes like love-(Romeo and Juliet)-ambition and betrayal (Macbeth) as well as laughter-(A midsummer nights dream) and jealousy (Othello).

William Shakespeare’s plays offer a deep insight in to life, beauty and death. These universal themes account for the popularity of his plays across time and space. His plays also portray historical themes from the times of Henry the fourth fifth and sixth as well as Richard the second and Richard the third.

Apart from plays, Shakespeare is renowned for his beautiful sonnets and poetic as well as philosophical insight in to the working of a man’s mind.

Moral lessonsĀ 

Reading between the lines is an important aspect that needs to be covered by Shakespeare essays to glean important lessons from life. The story of Macbeth traces the moral deterioration of Macbeth and the subsequent guilt and anguish he suffered after loosing his peace of mind. The moral lesson gleaned from this is that we ultimately pay for the things that we do and success in a worldly sense does not lead to happiness.

Points to ponder

Your professor can very well assign Shakespeare essays that ask you to analyze a play or poem to assess your ability to understand and evaluate different aspects of his literary style.

Writing Shakespeare essays can be a challenging task because the structure of his plays are often complex and you will need to delve deeply in to the meaning. You may need to take the help of a guide book so make sure you have all the resources on hand.

You also need to go straight to the horse’s mouth in order to read and reread the text. It is not always easy to write Shakespeare essays but writing a well planned essay can be an interesting and enjoyable experience