Sociology Research Paper


Sociology Research Paper

If you think that writing a sociology research paper begins with writing, you are strongly mistaken, as there are at least three additional stages before writing itself. Here they are:


When you receive your assignment to write a sociology research paper, you have the only word “sociology” in your head. What should it tell you about? It should give you a hint that you need to find some information on sociology studies and decide on your topic. The task of choosing a topic is a real torture for some students who think that this part of working on a sociology research paper is the most important and difficult, as the grade depends on your decision over it. You may ask yourself several questions which may help you move in the right direction:

  • What is a purpose of writing your sociology research paper?
  • What notes do you have on class subject from your instructor?
  • What topics of discussion do you have on classes?
  • What topical issues concerning society are in your head right now?

Additionally, you may use some sources provided by your instructor. They are sociology journals, guidelines on writing a sociology research paper, textbooks and periodical magazines. Do some research at online libraries and find out a sociology branch you need to take for analysis.


Let us imagine that you have done everything right and have a good topic for sociology research paper writing. The next stage is to find some information on it, as you will go nowhere without additional knowledge on your subject and questions for analysis. It is high time for deep research which you need to do more than one hour long. It is a devastating process for someone; however, it is an interesting time of new ideas birth. Use relevant sources and try to make subparts to your topic. Find fresh and up-to-date facts and statistics.


As you have found a lot of information, you need to place it on the right places and give your thorough analysis which is the basic requirement of writing a sociology research paper. You should ask yourself about the following things:

  • Is your information prejudiced? In what way can you use it?
  • What are the critical arguments for benefits of current statistics and figures upon the subject?
  • What are the moist important reflections in the found materials? What should you find additionally to disclose its meaning?
  • Do found materials meet all aspects of a topic you have?
  • Which authors do have you in references? In what spheres do they work? What other authors may you take for discussion?


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