Topics for Research Paper


Topics for Research Paper

A good topic is half the battle, the wrong one is the shortest way to failure. If you are assigned to write a research paper, do not hasten to select the first topic in the list of topics for research paper your teacher offers. The decision made in a hurry may yield a large number of difficulties. It is better to look through all possible research paper topic ideas first and only after that, pick the one you find to be the most interesting one. Our list of topics for research paper can also be much useful to you. So, take advantage of it. If you are in need of individual assistance with writing, do not hesitate to rely on professionalism of our paper writers who deliver 100% original custom research papers!

Topics For Research Paper: About Race and Ethnicity

  • Do you find it necessary to make racial profiling a law-enforcement policy in some areas?
  • Do you consider it to be reasonable for a university to offer “European-American Studies” or “White Studies” as courses if “African-American Studies” or “Black Studies” are already offered?
  • Do you think American government should return lands to Native Americans?
  • How should the problem of poor medical care provided to ethnic or racial minorities be solved?

Topics for research paper: Gender and Sexuality

  • What solution to the problem of salary disparities between men and women would you propose?
  • Should women serve in armed forces?
  • Do you consider it to be important to revive the Equal Rights Amendment and make it a part of the Constitution?
  • Do you agree that prostitution should be legalized?

Topics for research paper: Capital Punishment

  • Should capital punishment be legalized in all parts of the USA?
  • Give arguments against capital punishment;
  • What is the point of view of Christianity on capital punishment and rehabilitation?
  • What is the use of capital punishment for the US society?

Topics for research paper: Advertising and Marketing

  • Do you agree that product advertising and selling should be permitted in public school?
  • What side of advertising is unethical?
  • Should alcohol and tobacco be advertised on TV?

Topics for research paper: Environmental issues

  • Should the US national energy policy be focused on building more nuclear power plants?
  • Do you agree that the genetically engineered food should be labeled differently?
  • Should recycling be mandatory?

Topics for research paper: TV Impact

  • Does TV have a negative impact of people?
  • Does TV influence child’s psyche negatively?
  • Do you think a television is a cause of changes that took place in American household and family life?

We hope the topics for research paper given above will turn out much helpful to you.