Violence among Children Essay


Violence among Children Essay

Children can be aggressive and cause harm to other children and adults without realizing that something is wrong in their actions. As the writer of violence among children essay, you should try to uncover the issue from various perspectives and provide specific conclusion and recommendation. If you have never been a witness of violence among children and you have never heard about such incidents, library is the only source of information for you. Furthermore, our writers are here to assist college students with custom written essays on any topic. They have access to publications, journal articles and books and will help you find relevant resources for writing violence among children essay.

Violence among Children Essay: Tips

There are different causes of aggression among children; they include emotional disorders, fights in the family and television impact.  Children watch TV, they view their parents and sometimes violence is a learned behavior.  Writing college essay on violence among children is an excellent opportunity to show your deep understanding of the issue, apply your writing and analytical skills and improve your academic record.  If you have no time or do not know how to start writing violence among children essay, ask our writers for assistance.  Benefits of using our service include relief from pressure, custom writing from scratch, and 100% original essay written in accordance to your specific instruction. We deliver essays without delay.

Violence among Children Essay: Excerpt

Some people believe that media violence cannot be a direct cause of violence among children. These people think that media violence paired with other “risk factors” can accelerate, or even bring on, violent behavior. The problem goes back to how to handle this possible “public health problem.” Others still believe that the typical poor child will react negatively to media violence, whereas the rich children will shrug off the violent images. The American Psychological Association's Commission on Violence and Youth judge that media violence contributes to only a tiny portion of youth violence. They think that parental neglect, abuse, poverty, and just plain genetics play a bigger part in the problem, and could even possibly put children at a greater risk factor for violence. However, the APA believes that it is possible to reverse the negative affects of media violence with parental guidance and reduction of media violence viewing. One big problem of this solution remains how children even process this information they view because of such differences in culture and situations. Others think that many young children watch television “interactively rather than passively,” meaning that perhaps children as many adults, change the information they view to suit their opinions. The Stanford study shows that with the help of a six-month program consisting of parental help, classroom lessons, and peer pressure, it was possible to downplay aggression in children. The results illustrate that the more aggressive children were at the start of the program, the more they improved as they viewed less of what was their norm consumption.

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