Writing an Analytical Essay


Writing an Analytical Essay

Writing an analytical essay is not an easy task if you are not used to writing.  Analytical essay should present an analysis of something.  You are expected to express your opinion and support it with the reliable and relevant sources.  Below is a short excerpt of analytical essay.  Read and analyze it carefully.  If you need help with writing, if you want to have an essay written for you from scratch, do not hesitate to request professional online essays writing service at our site.

Analytical Essay Sample on Generations:

One of the most obvious and important differentials among those who rear children is that of chronological age. On this basis, three main groups may be identified. One consists of older persons, such as grandparents, great-uncles, greataunts, and overage parents. Here the time span between children and those who rear them covers two generations. A second group, but one generation removed, consists of parents, customarily in the middle-age period. Finally, children may be reared, wholly or largely, by other children, usually their own brothers and sisters. Age differences here tend to be slight.

Each of these age groups can be subdivided and on several bases. The rearing elders may be male, such as one finds in the traditional patriarchal form of the family, or female, such as appears in the matriarchate found often among American Negroes. They may be classified, too, on the basis of past experience. Some old folks look back on a happy past. They may have been persons of distinction themselves, whose achievements have added to the family name, or they have been associated with such persons. In either event, life has been good, and the past which witnessed it appears in happy retrospect. Other elders look back on an unhappy or tragic past. Examples could be found among the refugees of recent years, or among the less privileged segments in society. Excellent illustrations of elders among the latter group who reared grandchildren can be found in Ethel Waters' book, His Eye Is on the Sparrow, or in Richard Wright Black Boy.

The degree of kinship of the older person who acts as disciplinarian is also important because it is related to the child's conception of the right of the older person to discipline. A grandparent thus would fall into a different category from a great-aunt or a distant cousin. This is perhaps part of the larger problem of the relationship of the older person to the family whose children are being disciplined. Many details of family living are involved here. Is the family living with the older person, or is the older person living with the family? If the latter, does this involve inconvenience or an economic strain for the children in the family? Is the older person, when disciplining, interfering with others, or assuming a responsibility not otherwise carried?

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