Writing Book Reports


Writing Book Reports

Writing book reports is something that students are bored and tired of. No wonder, as a book report is one of the most frequent assignments at school. It may seem to you that you know every specific detail of writing book reports and in an hour can make an excellent report by yourself. However, when it comes to the push, you make a lot of mistakes. Why? Probably, there is something about writing book reports that you do not know yet? Then reading this article may turn out much useful to you.

When the teacher asks you to write a book report, s/he wants you to discuss the following items:

  1. Brief information about the author of the book;
  2. The main theme touched upon in the book;
  3. The author’s message;
  4. The main characters of the book (including positive and negative; their interrelations);
  5. The main conflict in the book (including internal and external);
  6. Your impressions from the book (did you like it or stayed indifferent?);
  7. Your recommendations for the further reading.

Of course, a book is impossible without disclosing all the issues presented above. Still, it does not mean that you have to just write a straight text beginning each item with a new paragraph. This approach to writing book reports is traditional, but you can use much more interesting and creative approach to the task.

So, let us now discuss how it is possible to use some creative approach when writing book reports. What you need is some catchy ideas. So, we are glad to suggest you some:

1st Idea for Writing Book Reports. Interview a Character

Compose from 6 to 8 questions to one of the book’s characters. Your task is to interview him/her. You will also have to write the potential answers of the character. Remember, the teacher will first of all evaluate your knowledge of the book rather than your actor skills.

2nd Idea for Writing Book Reports. Ten Facts

Create a “10 Facts About [book title] sheet listing the facts you learned from reading the book. Include the facts you did not know before reading the book.

3rd Idea for Writing Book Reports. A Letter to the Author

Write a letter to the book’s author expressing your attitude towards the main characters, your ideas about the plot, climax, or denouement of the story. Tell what you like and dislike about the book.

As you can see, writing book reports is not always boring – you just have to find some unusual ideas for writing.