How to Critique a Book


Free Tips On How to Critique a Book When students are assigned to write a book critique, they sometimes do not have a clear idea what it means. Well, if you are not sure how to critique a book, this paper can come of use. You may find it helpful to look through free tips on writing Macbeth essay. In addition, you may order custom written book reports and get your paper written from scratch!How to critique a book. Tip 1Keep in mind the purpose of your paper. In most cases people, reading a Continue reading

Free Examples of Book Reviews


Free Examples of Book Reviews Do you like reading? Even if you are the most known bibliophile in your school, it does not mean you like writing book reviews. Writing reviews requires many special skills, you should not only know the book very well, but also have to be able to compare, analyze and deduce. Well, the best decision you can take in a case you are assigned to perform this task is to see some examples of book reviews. If you need assistance with book report writing, you may request Continue reading

How to Write an Analysis Essay of “A Rose for Emily”


How to Write an Analysis Essay of “A Rose for Emily” During your studies you must have written dozens of essays. You know that there exist many kinds of essays, and this time you have to write an analysis essay. Here you will find some useful instructions on how to write an analysis essay of “A Rose for Emily” by Faulkner.  In the introductory part of your analysis essay of “A Rose for Emily” give some information about the author. Write about some important Continue reading

The Scarlet Letter Essays


The Scarlet Letter Essays: Sample The following excepts are shared by our professional essay writers to help you with writing your The Scarlet Letter essays. If you need professional essay writing service and want to get custom written papers, you should try our professional essay writing services. We write essays from scratch, guarantee originality and relevant of content, and deliver custom written book reports on time. The Scarlet Letter Essays: Public Guilt vs. Private GuiltPerhaps the Continue reading

Fahrenheit 451 Essay


Fahrenheit 451 Essay Throughout the world, students in most colleges and universities are required to write Fahrenheit 451 essay. But before being able to write such book reports, they need to read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, which belongs to such type of novels as dystopian. If you think that reading annotations or reviews of the novel is enough to write an excellent essay, you are wrong. Your teacher will immediately notice whether or not you are knowledgeable on the novel peculiarities. Continue reading

Deadly Unna Essay


Deadly Unna EssayLooking for information on writing Deadly Unna essay? "Deadly, Unna?" by Phillip Gwynne is a story describing racism with the whites (gonnyas) and the blacks (nungas) always fight due to the racial prejudice. The setting is a small town in Port (known as Point). If the Goonas is in Port, so the Nungas is in points from this Port. Deadly Unna tells us about a teenage boy Gary Black, who is the central character in the developing of racial prejudice. He becomes racist because he Continue reading

The Outsiders Book Report


The Outsiders Book Report The Outsiders is the novel by Susan Eloise Hinton published in 1967.  Interestingly, the author was only 15 years old when she began writing her masterpiece and 16 when the book was published. The novel tells the story of the rivalry between the two groups, the Socs and the Greasers who belong to different socioeconomic statuses. The book has been heavily criticized for presenting violence, rude language, drug abuse and smoking among teenagers, and other negative Continue reading

Essay on When I Was a Child by Lillian Smith


What Is an Essay?Academic essay is a prose work of a small volume and free composition, expressing individual experiences and views on a particular occasion or subject, and obviously does not pretend to exhaustive or definite interpretation of the object. Typically, the essay suggests a new, subjectively colored word about something different. Writing an essay on When I Was a Child by Lillian Smith students obtain skills needed to process the collected materials and the main results of own work Continue reading

Oliver Twist Book Review


Oliver Twist book review Book review is not the same as summary. Of course, your book review may include a short summary but it must be limited to one paragraph only.  Writing Oliver Twist book review you need to focus on the following questions:1)      What is the main idea of the book?2)      Who are the main characters and what are their roles?3)      What is the turning point of the book?4)      Is the book easy or difficult to follow5)      Would you recommend Continue reading

Free Macbeth Essay


Free Macbeth Essay Good Macbeth essay cannot be written if you have not read the play. You should read at least the summary.  Writing Macbeth essay think about the following questions:What is the main idea of the story?What are the roles played by main characters?Is the plot relevant for modern day?Is the play interesting?· What are the major themes?There are many possible topics for Macbeth essay writing. For example, you may write Macbeth essay focusing on the plot or one of the main Continue reading