Book Review Format


Book Review Format Usually, book review format includes the following elementsIntroduction (in this section you need to include the author of the book, title of the book, year of publication, and notify the reader about the content of your book reports)Brief information about the author (in this part of book review format you need to include some details about the author; for example, why did the author write the book, what was his intention, is there a link between his life and themes of Continue reading

Book Report Help


Book Report Help Book report writing starts with the close analysis of the book. It is easy to analyze a book when it is short. However, when the book is rather long and you have not read it, book reports writing becomes a challenge. It is not a good idea to write your book report using summaries or criticism available online. Why? The answer is rather easy – neither summary nor criticism covers all aspects you need to focus on. Moreover, your teacher is probably aware of most of summaries Continue reading

Biography Book Report


Biography Book Report Biography book report should be written in the academically accepted format for book report writing.  Writing a biography book report you need to pay attention to the following details:Is the author of the book objective? (in other words, you need to assess whether the author presents reliable information about the person or makes up the information; consulting additional articles and researches is highly recommended)How is the book structured? (is there a Continue reading

Death of a Salesman Essays


Death of a Salesman Essays Death of a Salesman begins with a scene calculated to arouse suspense and tension. Linda's calling Willy "with trepidation" keys the audience to the mood. It soon learns of Willy's inner turmoil and his determination to ask his boss for work in the New York office. This scene presents Willy in a highly dramatic situation resulting from worry about his job and foreshadows the various conflicts to come. The talk that follows about the boys, Biff in particular, indicates Continue reading

Macbeth Essay


Macbeth Essay A lot has been said and even more has been written about Macbeth.  Nevertheless, the wealth of information about Macbeth makes it difficult to input fresh ideas into your paper. If you are writing a Macbeth essay, you cannot avoid using quotes from the text and you should at least read the play. Reading the summary will not give you the necessary insight into the play. We are here to help you with writing your Macbeth essay.  Firstly, we have written a sample Macbeth essay for Continue reading

Hamlet Essays


Hamlet Essays Hamlet essays are exceptionally interesting to write. Firstly, thousands of papers and articles and even books have been already written about Hamlet. Secondly, you have definitely read the play. Thirdly, we are here to help you with writing.  In particular, we have written a sample Hamlet essay for you (you can find it below).  Moreover, we provide individual essay writing help. It means that you can use our writing services at any time of day and night. We do not hire ESL Continue reading

Antigone Essay


Antigone Essay Antigone essay writing should start with a clearly defined and, more important, narrow topic.  Of course, you cannot write a good Antigone essay if you know nothing on the topic. Doing some secondary research for book reports is recommended.  If you do not want to or cannot write your Antigone essay for any reason, you have an excellent opportunity to get your custom essay written for you – professional custom essay writing service!  We meet deadlines and we do not Continue reading

Custom Written Book Report Papers


Book Report Papers Book report writers should collect information about the book title, author, year of publication of the book and, surely, read the author’s work. You may also order book reports writing service at our site! We offer you to read the following sample of the book review on “Medieval Political Ideas” by Ewart Lewis. “As far as science is concerned, the darkness of enlightenment ceased to brood over the Middle Ages more than three generations ago, and in our time, Continue reading