Summarize an Essay


Summarize an Essay: Tips and Advices    To summarize an essay in a proper way you have to follow some definite requirements for summarizing essay. Read the following tips, rules, and advices I you need help when you summarize an essay. The first rule is to read the entire essay from the very beginning to the end. Some students make a common mistake while summarizing essays. This mistake is as follows: they think that while summarizing essay it is not necessary to read the whole text; that Continue reading

World Literature Essay


World Literature Essay: A Brief Plan  “The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean,” Robert Louis Stevenson has mentioned once. These words are said by the famous Scottish novelist, poet, and essayist who clearly understood all the difficulties of writing even in spite of being a professional in the sphere of literature. That is why it is simple to understand why    almost all the students suffer from the problem of presenting their words clearly Continue reading

Fiction Book Reviews


Fiction Book Reviews Students assigned to write fiction book reviews sometimes are misled by the type of the assignment. As it is known, there are two types of books – fiction and non-fiction – and book review depends on this factor, as essential differences between two types exist. Although some similar features can be marked out, the information is presented in both book reviews with regards on the type of the book. So try to consider it when you should write fiction book reviews. Continue reading

Literature Essays


THREE “HOW” FOR WRITING LITERATURE ESSAYS How to Manage With Writing Literature Essays? First, you need to define what a literature essay is. Therefore, you may read the definition in a vocabulary or ask your instructor. However, it does not help students in a special case if they do not understand anything in writing any kind of essay. Second, you need to define the main characteristics of literature essays. When you download several examples of Continue reading

Pride and Prejudice Essays


“Pride and Prejudice" essays If you are going literary course you are likely to write essays on different literary topics, especially if they are book reports. Among the essays you may be asked to write a «Pride and Prejudice» essays. You will base on the work of Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice”.  This work may be chosen also when a student should write any prejudice essay. If now there are students at our site who need to write «Pride and Prejudice» essays, we will Continue reading

Hamlet Essay


Hamlet Essay   The great William Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays which shook the world and changed the Old English. Although we do not discuss the language development (however it is an essential topic for the Hamlet essay), this play had a unique role in the Shakespeare’s times. Therefore students are invited to write a Hamlet essay and work out their own ideas for writing and analyzing the play. This great play is created in 1600-1601 and based on the Saxo Grammaticus’s Continue reading

"Nickel and Dimed" Essay


What about should a "Nickel and Dimed" essay be?A "Nickel and Dimed" essay should discuss a book written by Barbara Ehrenreich, which is called “Nickel and Dimed”. This book discusses a real life of people in the United States from the view of the undercover journalist. A student should read this book and give his or her opinion on that, compare to some other experiments and give relevant answers on questions of a topic. It may be difficult for a student, so we give you some Continue reading

Romeo and Juliet Essay


Romeo and Juliet Essay Writing Tips!On literary courses students are asked to write a Romeo and Juliet essay, which should discuss the play of William Shakespeare. You may choose a topic yourself if you are not prescribed. The content and idea of your paper should be considered according to the level of your study. A tragic melodrama was written in 1595 and it touches emotional aspect of love. Two beloved people die on their way to happiness. Here the writer discloses an important aspect of ever Continue reading

Lord of Flies Book Review


Lord of Flies Book ReviewWell, this time you have to write «Lord of Flies» book review and desperately need help. A couple of attempts to make your «Lord of Flies» book review turned out to be a complete failure, and now it seems that even if you manage to complete the task, it will be incorrect. So, welcome! In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide to writing a good «Lord of flies» book review.First and foremost, you should differentiate between a book review and a book Continue reading

How to Write Book Reports


In order to cope with book report writing successfully, you need to know 2 main things: what is a book report and how to write book reports. Here we go to help you with both questions.A book report is a summary of reading you have done. If you want to know how to write book reports, read our tips below:How to write book reports: Step 1. Choosing a bookIt is important to choose the book you are really interested in, otherwise, you will hardly enjoy preparing your book report and it is Continue reading